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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm a big fan of Google - as big a fan as the next guy.  I like their option to embed a Google search right into your website and give users the ability to search your site or search the web... there are a couple of downsides though:

  1. Google loves it some Google - everything Google is naturally branded... Google.
  2. Giving a potential customer Google's web search is pretty much likea customer walking into a Ford dealership and the sales rep says "hey, we have some nice cars but why don't I walk you over to the Chevy dealer so you can see what he has too".
  3. Google searches performed on your website are dependent on Google having indexed your web pages, and displays what Google feels is most relevant.
With this in mind, I developed an internal website search engine that can be added to the Designed By Day CMS.  This search allows visitors (and potential customers) to quickly search the content of YOUR website and find exactly what they're looking for.  This new Designed By Day search engine can also include blog/news entries from the integrated blog system, giving your customers the most information related to their search.

Below is an example of the results you would get by using the search engine located on (you can try it yourself here).  If you'd like an estimate on a new website, integrating the Designed By Day CMS into an existing site or upgrading your existing Designed By Day CMS, please contact me!

Results displaying for "website"


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