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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cloud ServerCloud hosting.

You've probably heard the term but the idea has never been completely explained to you.  As Designed By Day's clients' businesses have grown, I have continued to adapt the technology I use in order to better serve those growing businsses.  Recently I decided it was time to move from dedicated server to cloud hosting.

What is cloud hosting?

Imagine several computers linked together, giving your website the ability to utilize not just the power of one but the power of several (in what is known as a cluster) computers during high-traffic times.  This is a pretty basic way of explaining it, but essentially that's what you're getting.

Cloud servers are a great way to manage what you need for processing power now and for later, without having to move websites from server to server.  When the traffic colume increases, cloud servers can be made to provide more memory, more disk space and a lot more processing power dynamically.


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