Scott Kinnison, Professional Percussionist and Educator

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scott Kinnison

Designed By Day would like to announce the launch of a brand new website -  I met Scott about a year ago.  Scott, like many of my clients was looking for a website that didn't fit a particular mold - something that was unique AND could utilize the graphics and ideas he had that relfected his personal taste and brand.

Together, Scott and Designed By Day developed a new website that did just that.  From the blue flames on his business card to the student testimonials on his website, Scott had a hand in the design process and development.  We are proud to announce it's official launch and invite you to take a look.

Scott Kinnison is a seasoned performer and sought-after percussion teacher in New Hampshire. He’s got  monster chops and extensive experience with various genres including jazz, blues, rock, and music theater, making him an ideal drummer for live or studio settings.

In addition to being a seasoned performer, Scott also teaches private lessons to students of all ages, and is an active educator at secondary schools across New England where he delivers clinics, workshops, group lessons, and ensemble instruction.


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