The Moon Under Glass

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Moon Under GlassEvery so often there are website that are even more than just a challenge or new project - sometimes they speak to me directly.  I worked for a website firm about a year ago, for about a year, and had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jeremy Collins.  The day of my interview with the company he had revealed he was involved in indi-film, and was working on completing a project.

With his film post-production wrapping up, press kit being completed and trailer finished, it was time to implement a new website that mimiced the style and flavor of the film.  I offered to work with Jeremy on this project in order to be a part of his dream and vision, being an avid indi-film goer myself.

I am eagerly anticipating the official world-premiere of The Moon Under Glass.  I would encourage you to check out, watch the trailer and check out some of the photos and behind-the-scenes stills.  You can also follow The Moon Under Glass on Facebook!

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