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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

tiny planet computerTechnology is a funny thing.  We are in a world where we all need it, and most of us don't know enough about it when it's working, nevermind when it breaks, fails or gets a virus.

Designed By Day has been working with Tiny Planet Computer of Gloucester MA to build and configure an in-house dedicated server that would out-perform my current hosting solution.  Steve, owner and lead technician of Tiny Planet Computer has been instrumental in making this rather large task smooth.  Steve has provided insight and suggestion and has optimized this new server for maximum performance and reliability, which ultimately makes my clients happy.

I would like to take a minute to mention ANTAEUS by Tiny Planet Computer.  This custom built PC, built IN-HOUSE is a highly configurable, powerful desktop computer built but the technicians at Tiny Planet Computer. 

The ANTAEUS contains the raw power needed to perform every day tasks like email and web surfing in addition to PC gaming and intense office applications - spread sheets, documents and much more.  The beauty of this equipment is it's built right in Gloucester MA, by the same technicians who repair, rebuild and customize PC's, laptops and even Mac's every day.

The Antaeus can be yours for $599.99, or can be customized and upgraded (now OR later!) to suit your individual budget and workload needs.  As a technology guy, I can tell you when you're buying a Dell, HP or eMachine, you never know what components are going to be put in that system.  Tiny Planet Computer chooses only top-quality, RELIABLE components and will guide you through any upgrades you desire from hardware to software.  The Antaeus is backed by a 1-year garrantee, and services IN-HOUSE by Steve and his crew.

Check out Tiny Planet Computer on the web or at 76 Rogers Street, Gloucester MA.  Look for Tiny Planet Computer's new website coming soon!!

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