What you get with Designed By Day

While everyone's needs are different, there are a few things I include in EVERY website package at no extra charge to you.

Search Engine Submission - Your website will be entered manually into all the major search engines upon completetion.

SEO - Your web pages will be optimized for search engines AS I create them, which means meta tags will be targeted towards your audience in each web page and improve your listing rank position.

Analytics - At your request I will provide (free) detailed analasis of your website in daily, weekly or monthly reports. These reports include daily visits, popular pages and more.

External style & script pages - Should you decide to change a font color or background image down the road, or need to modify a script, all website styles (colors, sizes, images, etc) and scripts are stored in externally linked files for quick easy editing.

FREE Advertising - In addition to being featured as a recently completed project here, you will receive free advertising on websites I am personally affiliated with. This isn't a reciprocal link program, this is YOUR advertisement displayed to your targeted customer!

Goal Analysis & Suggestions -  Firms get paid hundreds of dollars for consultation alone.  MY goal is to make my client's website as successful as it can be.  You will always recieve a comprehensive, layman's term website analysis explaining what can be done to achieve your business or personal goals, be it traffic, search engine rank or functionality.

Contact me for a free consultation!

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