Social Media and Online Marketing

twitter"Social media"

"Viral Marketing"

These are just new terms for a new time.  Social media can be compared to a hang-out or club where people flock to different corners of the room to talk about things they have in common.  Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook or MySpace provide you and your business with a place to present your ideas, products and services to the masses.

Viral Marketing is simply word of mouth, online.  It works in much the same way word of mouth does.  A really useful, well-done website providing really useful information or services may be passed from one person to another.  A website or service with something special or eye catching is likely to get a LOT of attention and spread across the internet like fire.

Social Media and Marketing are part of the services offered by Designed By Day.  From setting up your online presence to integrating them with your website, Designed By Day can not only get your brand out there, it can make it work for you.

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