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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shopping-USA.ruDesigned By Day is proud to announce the launch of it's latest international endeavor, Shopping-USA.ru!

Shopping-USA.ru is a US-based business that allows the people of Russia to browse and shop United States brands and retail businesses, select items to purchase and have their very own custom shopper package and ship everything in one box.

Designed By Day was presented with a website design and graphics, and asked to develop a custom ordering system that would allow Russian clients to enter in URLs, descriptions, sizes and quantities of American-made products they would like to purchase.

This custom ordering system allows the owners of Shopping-USA.ru to quickly view, calculate and purchase these items and finally send an intital invoice for the Cost-of-Goods plus commission.  The buyer is sent an email allowing them to quickly make their payment using their method of choice, allowing the owners to then purchase all goods and prepare for shipping after a final US to Russian shipping invoice is calculated.

This project, while not a design project, was a fantastic website development task.  All web pages needed to be able to dislay Russian characters, and all processed needed to be converted from English to Russian.

Designed By Day would like to congratulate Shopping-USA.ru on their business launch and good luck in the future!

More information about Shopping-USA.RU

Email: sales@shopping-usa.ru
Tel.: +7 (903) 287 45 10
        +1 (603) 583 13 70 
37B Towle avenue
Hampton, NH-USA 03842

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